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RC Rocket Glider Kits

Designer Frank Burke says his design philosopy is simple: “Make things that fly well, are simple to build, and that look like a real airplane or rocketplane.”

Estes Announces 1/45 Scale Little Joe II Re-issue

One of the most sought after model rockets from the “golden era” of kit manufacture is getting a new version. The original Little Joe II version released by Centuri has long been the holy grail for many collectors. Now Estes has created a new version with...

Capitol Cup 2015

An international rocket contest was held September 19-20 at The Plains, Va. Participants from Canada, Bulgaria, and the USA competed in several FAI sanctioned events.

Model Rockets and the AMA

Model Rockets and the AMA

The AMA covers model rockets in its National Model Aircraft Safety Code, so as long as you follow the code, you can enjoy flying model rockets, or using model rocket motors in your RC projects at your local flying field.