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You want to learn to fly - where to start

Check out the Know before you fly website for information on safe UAV flying.  http://knowbeforeyoufly.org/

Should I practice flying in my neighborhood?

The short answer is NO.  Although there are some very light weight small electric powered aircraft that can be flown  in the back yard, or even in your garage, the skills necessary to safely fly your new aircraft are best learned  in open spaces where there is nothing obstructing your view.  Consider learning to fly with the help of a local RC club before you risk your new aircraft or damage to property at home.

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Never OVER Estimate the Size of Your Flying Field

Never OVER Estimate the Size of Your Flying Field

With the smaller size of some of todays park flyers and micro flyers it is easy to think that your flying field is adequate. The truth is that if you are a small field modeler and you decide to go larger you need to find an appropriate flying field. Of course this...

Never OVER Estimate the Size of Your Flying Field

The safety of others ALWAYS comes first!

The larger size of some of todays popular aircraft demand extreme judgment in addition to piloting skills in order to fly them safely. The picture above is a promotion ad but I want to show the size of the airplane compared to a person. Add to this size difference the...

Never OVER Estimate the Size of Your Flying Field

NiCD Battery Care

Batteries are very easily overlooked and have been the culprit of many a mishap.   I was looking for some good common sense information about the care and handling of NiCD battery packs since I promised to cover this issue in my previous blog. In my efforts I...

Never OVER Estimate the Size of Your Flying Field

Flying Safe Checklist

Hello again, I would like to cover some of the checks that need to be made after an aircraft has sat through the winter months. It is also a good idea to do this before you pack your gear to go flying. I myself have learned most of these lessons the hard way...

District IV Safety Blog Introduction

Hello and welcome to the District IV safety blog! I would like to thank Jay Marsh for giving me the opportunity to cover safety and UAV education. I took quite a while to think of what the first post should be about and after a lot of thought I came to the conclusion...