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Members from District IV joined space modelers from around the country to represent the USA in the recent FAI World Championships held in Lviv, Ukraine from 8/24- 8/30. The contest consisted of flying multiple space modeling disciplines to determine the best individual and teams in each event. The US team consisted of 39 fliers and supporters, in both the junior (under 18) and senior divisions.

Each event category is flown by a team of up to 3 pilots. Each day of the contest has 2 events for the seniors and 2 events for the juniors. The same 8 categories are normally flown:
S1- Altitude. Who goes the highest, using an electronic altimeter to score the flights.
S3- Parachute duration. Use 2 models to fly 3 times, try and score a 5 minute max.
S4- Boost glider duration. A rocket-powered, free-flight glider, 3 minute max.
S5- Scale altitude. Model a real rocket, then see who goes the highest, scale score + altitude = place.
S6- Streamer duration. Use 2 models to fly 3 times, try and score a 3 minute max.
S7- Scale. Build a replica of a real rocket, and make a successful flight.
S8- RC rocket glider. Rocket powered thermal seeking gliders.

District IV attendees were:
Stoil Avramov from MD flying Jr S2P, S3, S4 and S8D
Dimitre Avramov from MD as a supporter
Jim Filler from MD flying Sr S3 and S5
Kevin Johnson from MD flying Sr S8E
John Langford from VA Sr Team Manager
Jay Marsh from NC flying Sr S6
Dave O’Bryan from MD flying Sr S4 and S6
Ed Pearson from MD FAI Reserve Jury Member
Grigory Vislobokov from VA Sr Team Assistant Manager

The US team did very well, at the World Champs with several podium finishes. In the senior division, individual gold medals were won in S1 and S5, with team silver awarded in both events. Our juniors did really well, with team silver and individual silver medals in S1, and a team bronze in S8.
The US also did extremely well in the S2P event held as an open international on the first day of the contest. Our juniors scored a team silver, taking individual silver and bronze. The seniors took both a team and individual gold medals.

Full results can be found on the organizers website: http://worldrocket2016.frms.ua/en/results.html