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If you have been reading all the AMA information you will know that the Federal Department of Transportation has suggested that they want to register model aircraft much like full scale aircraft. AMA has told DOT that AMA members are already required to have a number on their aircraft and it has been required for many years. It is your AMA number.

AMA Safety rule 2 (f) states

2. Model aircraft pilots will:
(f) Ensure the aircraft is identified with the name and address or AMA number of the owner on the inside or affixed to the outside of
the model aircraft. (This does not apply to model aircraft flown indoors.)

Jay Marsh, VP District IV has asked that all AMA D-IV members please take the time to ID your models with your AMA number.
I just use a sharpie and write my AMA number on the inside of the fuselage. You can use the AMA ID stickers available through the AMA store, or use the stick on address labels many of us receive in the mail. There are many ways to do it but please read the Safety Code and place the information in or on your aircraft.
Thanks, Rusty Kennedy, AVP D-IV