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First, we wanted you to be aware that we have new Event Sanction documents. These are documents:

#313–Contest Directors Report (Form 10A)

#314B–AMA Flight Safety Declaration and Event Participation List (Form 10B)

Both are on the AMA website under the AMA Documents tab, in the grouping of “Competitions,” and are included with your AMA Sanction confirmation email as an attachment.

The Contest Directors Report (Form 10A) has been updated with several changes in the requested information. Form 10B was created by condensing the Flight Safety Declaration and the Event Participation list into one document. Note that it also refers to the new membership categories of Youth and Adult.

It is important to review both of these documents when you receive your sanction so that you are aware of what information you need to gather during and after the event. Also, note that you can now scan these into your computer and email them back to AMA! This saves you time and effort. Return these documents to AMA HQ via email to competition@modelaircraft.org. If you have funds from new memberships to return with the forms, please continue to return them via U.S. mail.

There have also been questions about the FAA registration number and if it should be checked by contest directors (CDs) or clubs at sanctioned AMA events, or if models should be inspected for the number. The answer is an emphatic no! There is no place on Form 10B to report this information, and that is on purpose! AMA’s position is that everyone should be registered, but it is not AMA’s job to police it. AMA membership does not require FAA registration, so attending an AMA event does not require it either. Please don’t create an issue with refusing to allow a member to participate in an AMA-sanctioned event because he or she has not registered with the FAA.


New Look to Competition Regulations

Starting in mid-2015, the AMA Competitions department began working to update the look of the Competition Regulations. We are happy to announce that this is now complete and they are on the website at www.modelaircraft.org/events/compreg.aspx. The new books feature larger print, an amendment listing of the history of changes, and a table of contents to help you quickly find what you are looking for.

We hope you will take the time to read, download, and even print out these new books. Remember that the books are updated every two years per the rules cycle, but there can be urgent/safety changes at any time, so frequently reviewing the regulations is suggested. Any changes will be listed in the amendment section at the front of the book.

While on the subject of regulations …

If you are plan to sanction an AMA competition event, please make sure that you follow the specific Competition Regulations, including the General Section, to the letter. The reason to have national regulations is so that anyone who is attending knows what to expect. If you plan to deviate from the rules, you must state every deviation on the sanction application in the area provided. Deviations must be approved by the AMA Technical Director, and if they are too severe, may result in your event being changed from a class “A” competition regulation event to a class “C” non-competition-regulation event. Contest coordinators who receive sanction applications with deviations listed should forward the application directly to the AMA Technical Director for approval before deciding to deny or approve the event dates.