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Hi Gang.

Three Norfolk Aeromodeler’s competed at the Jim Coll Memorial Contest (8/8 & 8/9-2015).

 Saturday morning was cool, windy with a touch of rain coming in. The contest was started with the

Pilots Meeting. Just as the meeting was completed a Northern Virginia Control Line member

(Scott Richlen) steps onto center stage and ask for John Lindberg to step forward. John was presented

with a pair of red suspenders to wear during the contest. Well, John stated that he did not want to be

the only person to wear suspenders at the contest. Then Brad Smith, (member of Eastern Shore Aeromodelers),

stepped forward and stated that he wore suspenders everyday. So the first picture of the weekend is below.

John Lindberg is on the left and Brad Smith is on the right.

Two guys suspenders

Saturdays events were OLD TIME SUNT and PROFILE STUNT. The Norfolk Aeromodelers walked away

with two trophies. Phil Spillman won first place in the Old Time Expert event. I received a third place trophy

in the Profile Advance category. As stated before. “It was windy”. Just about everyone that flew made the

comment, “I survived that flight”.


Phil Spillman experienced a once is a life time event there Saturday. Phil was flying his winning Old Time

flight and all of a sudden two F-16 fighter jets came out of no where and were on top of us at tree top level with

an extra loud KA-BOOM. Everyone at the field was hitting the deck. Phil was still flying his Old Time pattern.

Just after Phil landed someone yelled, “Phil, you need to check you shorts”. Phil came back with a,

“That scared the Be-Jesus out of me”. Heck, everyone there was scared for a second or two.

Those F-16’s were loud and moving out.

Here is a shot of Phil Spillman getting ready to take-off on one of his Old Time flights.

Phill Spillman

Here is Dick Houser, (NVCL member), flying the Old Time pattern:

Dick Houser NVCL member

Here is Scott Richlen, (NVCL member), flying the Old Time pattern:

Scott Richlen, NVCL

Here is John Saunders, (Philly Flyers member), flying the Old Time pattern:

John Saunders, Philly Flyers

Sunday was a picture perfect day to fly model airplanes by being around 85 degrees and light breeze.

I started off by leaving out the Triangle maneuver in my pattern. On my second attempt, the battery

ejected out of my model. Well, at I was having a good time. In the Expert PA circle, Steve Fitton can

in second place. Also in the Expert PA, Phil Spillman had some nice flights. Our AMA District IV AVP,

Mark Weiss, from Wilmington Delaware received a second place trophy in Intermediate PA.

Here is Phil Spillman receiving his trophy from Mrs. Coll:

Phil Spillman award

Here is Steve Fitton receiving his Trophy from Mrs. Coll:

Steve Fitten award

Here is Mark Weiss receiving his Trophy from Mrs. Coll:

Mark Wiess Fitten award

Here is Gerry Glier, (NVCL member), receiving his Advance PA third place trophy from Mrs. Coll:

Gerry Glier NVCL


Here is Bub Reese, (SLOW club member), receiving his Advance PA third place trophy from Mrs. Coll:

Bub Reiss


Here is Alan Buck receiving his Advance PA first place trophy from Mrs. Coll:

Alan Buck

Here is Joe Colly, (NVCL member), receiving his Beginner PA second place trophy from Mrs. Coll:

Joe Colly NVCL

Here is view of the pit area at the field:

Pit area

Here are some of the great looking model airplanes at the Jim Coll Memorial Contest on Sunday:

Exel CL Ares CL

Stiletto CLSuper Chipmunk CL


How about a panorama view of the shelters there at the Easter Shore Aeromodelers flying field.

Panorama view CL

As you can tell by the pictures that this is one nice contest to attend.

Feel free to forward to any Control Line modeler.

Tight lines, John Tate