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I found this control line article on the District V website and asked Mark Johnston, District V ,VP if I could repost here. The Article was written by Stew Moore, AVP, District VIII


by Stew Moore   August 13, 2015

Well, you ask , why isn’t this posted under CONTROL LINE ?
I hope that most of you take the time to read the articles in MODEL AVIATION pretty thoroughly and don’t “cherry pick” mostly items that really interest you .If you have noticed , there have been more and more articles concerning control line activity , which is growing .
You may have read that JOE NALL has added several control line circles and has had several hundred people of all ages take a turn in the circle . There is a generational gap concerning control line . Many of us old “moss backs” were introduced to the hobby with “stick” models and control line models .Then came R/C in the 60’s and 70’s and that area has been the main attraction since and has been much easier to get into due to the ARF’S and now it’s the “drones” that have captured the attention of many .
I suggest that some of you individuals and clubs consider looking at the current state of the control line models . Electric power and ARF’S are now a quickly growing segment of that SIG and offer many possibilities for introducing youth to the hobby . An electric powered control line model can be flown in a nearby park with no associated noise , if you have been flying electric you have all you need except he model and the electric timing module - both inexpensive . Perhaps some club members can put together a gas or electric powered model that can be brought to the club field for kids or younger flyers . There are several ARF models available that are good starters .
This is a great hobby and encompasses many model airplane disciplines and is not one dimensional , some clubs encourage control line activity and have made allowance for it at their flying site .
If any of you are interested in these thoughts or are needing information on sources, please send me an email and I will be pleased to pass along the information I have .I would caution some of you guys that are near my age that it’s not as easy as it once was to fly in that circle anymore - falling down is not a pretty picture .