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The 2015 Cloud Tramp Mass Launch had 15 people today at the Carrollton Nike Park.

 We arrived at the Carrollton Nike Park today and started trimming out our Cloud Tramps for the

mass launch at 12 noon. Kendal Bowen had the longest flight on one of her trim flights this morning.

We had 15 participates today.


Here are the group of flyers lined up ready to fly.

From left to right: Bobby Mathison, Jimmy Welch, Judy Welch, Marjorie Mathison,

Kendall Bowen, John Tate, Fran Hurd, Steve Kolet, Mike Ose, Dianne Tate,

Dean Giaceopassi, Garrett Sisk, Janelle Sisk, Peyton Sisk, & Travis Sisk.

image001 (2)

All Cloud Tramps flew very nice. All we had to do is go down field and find our own Cloud Tramps.

After the launch all we had to do is vote on where to go for lunch. Soon after that the field was empty.


Carrollton Nike Park is located in Isle of Wight County, VA. USA.

The site used to house the Nike Ajax Missile magazines. Thankfully the missiles are long gone now

and the site is a large park for us to fly on.

Copy and paste the following link Carrollton Nike Park: http://www.historicisleofwight.com/nike-park.html

Tight Lines

John Tate,

AVP, District IV