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The 95th Squadron Model Aircraft Club hosted its 6th Annual Rotor Head Rally at their Club field in

Gaston, N.C. on Saturday, Sept. 19. The event drew 15 pilots from around Virginia and North Carolina for

a sunny day of helicopter and quad rotor flying. There was plenty of 3D flying that elicited many ahs and

wows from pilots and spectators alike.

The format consisted of open flying and included two contests – drag racing and autorotation. The drag

racing event pitted two helicopters against each other and contestants raced from one end of the field

to the other. After three heats, the event was won by Paul Peffly of Middlesex, N.C. The autorotation

contest saw five participants attempt to auto-rotate to a pin in the center of the field. Lincoln Evrald

took the trophy with the closest distance of 1 foot 10 inches from the pin.

Participants and spectators alike enjoyed a hot dog lunch and the day ended with a raffle drawing for a

BNF 200QX quad rotor, won by Steve Hicks of Henrico, N.C.

#1: Contest Director Doug Hughes presents the Drag Race trophy to winner Paul Peffly.

#2: Contest Director Doug Hughes presents the Autorotation trophy to winner Lincoln Evrald.

Submitted by:

Doug Hughes

Contest Director

Drag Race Winner
Autorotation Winner