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UAV is defined as a “powered, aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator, uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift, can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely, can be expendable or recoverable, and can carry a lethal or nonlethal payload”. This came straight from TheFreeDictionary.com

So the answer to the above question is actually “Yes”. If you simply search for UAV online you will be surprised at what you will find.

I have been fairly borderlined on this topic. I have been through issues regarding the government prying there way into the world of modeling before. The first time was when we lost our AM frequencies and again when they forced us to go FM Narrowband. In both occasions the AMA did what they had to do to protect us modelers. I have been certain that they will protect us again so I honestly have not put much thought into this subject. However, I want to bring both sides into this blog so that we can become more informed as modelers about what is really happening to us.

I have been receiving all of the same media that is available to every modeler through the AMA and it has been very informative.

At the same time, I also know how we are perceived by the public in general. They tend to group us into two categories.

The first being that they view us is as grownup kids having fun. We never truly grew up and are playing with oversized, over priced toys.

Then we have the second category. Modelers are tinkerers and inventors. We have an ever growing technology at our disposal to experiment with and seem to be coming up with more and more invasive uses for it. They do not see FPV systems as people having fun in there free time. Instead, they see people who can see every move they are making using small electric aircraft that are barely seen or heard.

I am going to Joe Nall tomorrow to enjoy the event but I will also be educating myself on the UAV topic. I do not want to simply write my opinions or even just the facts. I would like to have this blog become an open discussion for both sides of this fence to have their voices heard without the political madness.

Hope to see you at Joe Nall and will report back to you ASAP

Bradford Booth Jr