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buddieSystemFor whatever reason, you are thinking it would be fun to fly a Radio Controlled aircraft of some kind.  What you do next will affect your chances of success and how much fun you will have.  Most of us start thinking about the “What” — What do I want to buy? What can I do with my new purchase?  What will my wife or my girlfriend say?   My suggestion is to think first about the “How”, and then some of the What questions answer themselves.

How to start:  Check out the Academy of Model Aeronautics website, particularly the following link http://www.modelaircraft.org/clubsearch.aspx which will help you locate a model airplane club near you.  This might seem like overkill at first, but the truth is that your success flying model aircraft depends on having access to people who know HOW these things work.  The second “How” that you need to understand is How to fly safely.  There are two components to flying safely- knowing what can go wrong, and learning to control your aircraft.  Both of these activities can most easily be accomplished by a visit to your local RC club.

After making contact with the local club, then you can begin choosing “What to start with” and “Where do I go to buy what I need.”  Both of these concerns will be easier to answer with your new found friends at the club.