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The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has an educational partnership with Fly Robotics. I like this partnership because it can provide additional educational opportunities from instructors who have gone full circle and understand the needs of the AMA. There are two complementary courses that you can view that focus on Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) that is well worth the read.

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Click on the course “AMA Flight School Complementary Courses” and get the know before you fly.

As I went through the course material, I began to think about how I got to this point with you. I am an Information Technology and Services Professional with a love for Aeronautics. I grew up in Rocket City, USA during the Saturn rocket booster era and was always firing an Estes rocket for one reason or another. I got the hobby bug early. My first job in Aeronautics was at the wind tunnel test facilities at Arnold Engineering Development Center at the Arnold Air Force Base. We worked on a lifting body model that later evolved into the Space Shuttle. We all knew the motivation behind “unmanned” because the Space Shuttle was nearly entirely a Reaction Lift system, which essentially had no Bernoulli Lift virtually, therefore incredibly unstable, where avionic systems had to keep it safe to fly, a lot like some of our sUAS today!