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District IV News

The district needs your help. We are beginning the process of creating a new District IV website. I need two things from you all.

First, I want your ideas on what you would like to have on the website such as the ability for clubs to post and share their newsletters, and add event calendar and pages dedicated to RC, FF, CL, and more. If you think it must have already been thought of, send it anyway.

Second, I want to create a committee of members who enjoy and are familiar with developing and maintaining a website-whether that is for an AMA club or not. If you would like to be part of this committee, please send me an email with some of your accomplishments.

“We have never seen anyone on our field from AMA,” was a common complaint I heard when traveling around the district. I have begun to fix that by doubling the number of Associate Vice Presidents (AVP).

Please welcome Rusty Kennedy, from near Newport News, Virginia. Rusty is also the National Leader Member Program Coordinator. Also, Mark Smith, of Salisbury, North Carolina, who was an International Miniature Aircraft Association District IV director, and Terry Terrenoire, from Locust Grove, Virginia, who was a District II AVP for more than 20 years before moving to Virginia.

Also new to the AVP roster are Mark Weiss, of Wilmington, Delaware, and David Trogdon, who lives near Fayetteville, North Carolina. Bob Sowder, from Troutville, Virginia, will be our FF AVP and John Tate, in Portsmouth, Virginia, will be our CL AVP and continue as our FF/CL contest coordinator. They will all be assets to the district in addition to our current AVPs.

A lot is happening with the FAA right now as it prepares to publish the new rules proposals. After we see what they are, it may be your turn to make known that we modelers need to enjoy our hobby.

To each and all, I wish you a happy holiday season.

Go fly and have fun safely.

-Jay Marshjay-cropped
AMA District IV Vice President
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