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Interview With Ron Williams

The Brainbusters in Virginia have posted a brief but fascinating interview with Ron Williams. Among other things he speaks about his famous book Building and Flying Indoor Model Airplanes. Check out the video at https://vimeo.com/135638455

CAFFA Fall Contest October 17-18

CAFFA Fall Contest October 17-18

Fall 2015 CAFFA Meet Get ready for the Fall Hurricane Meet (the name is intended only to ward off evil spirits). It will include both FAC and AMA events. The new E-20 event will be flown for the first time, per Bob Stalick rules.   The event is quickly gaining...

International Postal Contest for Free Flight

The Worldwide Postal Competition will be continuing for its 24th year. Twenty one events may be flown locally at your convenience within a one year time window. The Internet permits us to have a worldwide event in the spirit of a friendly local club contest. For...

AMA Indoor Nats new location

Free Flight Contest May 16 and 17

The Carolina Area Free Flight Association and the DC Maxecuters are hosting their spring contest this weekend in Raeford, North Carolina.  Both AMA and FAC events will be flown each day.  This is the first outdoor contest of the season and the weather forecast looks...