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After taking a look at the Step By Step Guide above by clicking on the link, take a look at the following content links regarding the brains of your drone as it relates to the Flight Controller.

ArduPilot is a open source autopilot system supporting multi-copters, traditional helicopters, fixed wing aircraft and rovers. The source code is developed by a large community of professionals and enthusiasts. New developers are always welcome! The best way to start is by joining the Developer Team Forum, which is open to all and chock-full of daily development goodness

The Dronecode Project hosted under the Linux Foundation serves as the vendor-neutral home for PX4, MAVLink, QGroundControl, and the Dronecode SDK. The Dronecode Project delivers a collaborative and shared open source Platform for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).  A neutral place where industry and community developers can contribute technology in order to reduce costs and time to market. Dronecode aims to create a sustainable ecosystem and community for open source projects, everything needed for a complete UAV solution: flight-controller hardware, autopilot software, ground control station, and developer APIs for enhanced/advanced use cases.

DronePan makes it easy to capture aerial panoramas with a click of a button with your DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 4, Inspire 1, Inspire 2 or Mavic Pro drone. Right now DronePan runs on iOS devices and an Android version is currently in beta.

Flone is a platform that allows smartphones to fly, and not just smartphones. Flone is a platform for the empowerment of air space.

The LibrePilot open source project was founded in July 2015. It focuses on research and development of software and hardware to be used in a variety of applications including vehicle control and stabilization, unmanned autonomous vehicles and robotics. One of the project’s primary goals is to provide an open and collaborative environment making it the ideal home for development of innovative ideas.

OpenDroneMap  goals are to support the development of an open ecosystem of solutions for collecting, processing, analyzing and displaying aerial data and to build strong, self-sustaining communities around them. We achieve these goals through strategic collaborations with various key organizations and with the help of our expanding community of users.

Paparazzi UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is an open-source drone hardware and software project encompassing autopilot systems and ground station software for multicopters/multirotors, fixed-wing, helicopters and hybrid aircraft that was founded in 2003. Paparazzi UAV was designed with autonomous flight as the primary focus and manual flying as the secondary. From the beginning it was designed with portability in mind and the ability to control multiple aircraft within the same system. Paparazzi features a dynamic flight plan system that is defined by mission states and using way points as “variables”. This makes it easy to create very complex fully automated missions without the operators intervention. For more project information, see here.