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Ready To Fly Drones for 2019 Aerial Photos

Ready To Fly Drones for 2019 Aerial Photos

Most of us in the hobby are looking for a drone that is large enough to support a decently long flight time, hold a camera or other data capture device, and be able to control some (or all) of its flight autonomously using pre-programmed coordinates or real-time data....

Drone Open Source Building

Drone Open Source Building

You can click on the following FPV Drone Parts image and zoom in for further details:   HOW TO BUILD A DRONE | STEP BY STEP GUIDE LINK   After taking a look at the Step By Step Guide above by clicking on the link, take a look at the following content links...

Spring CAFFA Kudzu Classic

CAFFA and the DC Maxecuters are jointly sponsoring their spring free flight contest at the Carolina Turf Farms field in Raeford, NC May 19-20, 2018.  For more information contact www.dcmaxecuter.org or jdiebolt@mindspring.com

FAA Pilot Registration

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