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” We want to provide drone pilots with the best tools possible so they fly safely and responsibly. As

drone sales increase and our nation’s airspace becomes busier and more complex, it’s vital that

we work smarter and partner with the private sector to develop innovative products that advance safety.”

Acting FAA Administrator,

Dan Elwell

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No Drone Zone

No Drone Zone

Well, it seems everybody is taking shots at the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) phenomenon, in particular, the so-called drone. The media has been able to capture our attention with the potential crash of an airliner by a drone. However one pilot said, “Fear of drones...

People using FAA loopholes for UAV publicity?

People using FAA loopholes for UAV publicity?

While searching for an interesting topic I happened across an article about amateur drone pilots. There has been a drone pilot group formed by Austrian R/C enthusiasts and salespeople called “Team Blacksheep”. They are traveling around the world with drone...

People using FAA loopholes for UAV publicity?

UAV common ground

It seems that the real ground breaking common ground achieved between the FAA and the AMA is the “Know Before You Fly” campaign. It is a great educational guide for everyone interested in UAVs and there is even a devoted website. ...