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District IV “represents” at the Pylon NATS!

District IV “represents” at the Pylon NATS!

Now that the smoke has cleared and I’ve recovered from my trip to the AMA Pylon National Championships held during the week of July 10-16 at the International Aeromodelling Center in Muncie, IN, I can think back about all the great action and present my account.  While this “week of speed” included Club 40 (for the first time!) and AMA 424 classes, I didn’t arrive until they were completed.  I trust that they will be covered elsewhere.  But I was present for the rest of the week and personally joined the battle in the AMA 426 (Super Sport Quickee) and AMA 422 (Q40) classes.  And I also enjoyed the intense action of the yet unofficial EF-1 class that ran during our airframe safety inspection day on the first Sunday, July 12. EF-1 is the newest racing class that has been introduced by the pylon special interest group, NMPRA, in an effort to get more people interested in competitive racing.  It’s the only class to feature electric-power using stock hardware and thus eases the perceived need to be an “engine guru” to be competitive.  There are also quite a number of cool and fast ARF’s available to get one involved with minimal effort.  The final results after the six round event are presented here.  And be sure to check out the fantastic photos from this and all the racing classes on the AMA Pylon NATS Flickr page. Congrats go out to Texan Jerry Small who is the 2015 EF-1 National Champion flying his co-designed (with Dan Kane) “Estrellita”.   These two are also main players in the creation and development of the EF-1 class!  And I’m...
Pylon “Mecca” Under Construction in NC

Pylon “Mecca” Under Construction in NC

Liberty, NC will soon become “the place” for pylon racing in the country as Mike Langlois’ vision of the perfect racing site is realized on his new property there.  Construction is quickly progressing on this fantastic facility that will be complete with a large paved runway, race start pad, fully reversible course setup, judge stations, and many other amenities that will make this one remarkable place for RC racing. Mike and CD Jim Katz have also secured the bid to host the huge 2015 NMPRA Championship Race as the inaugural event at the course later this Fall.  You can find out more about racing with this NC group at their “Old Julian Airport” website.  ...