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Here is a great feature AMA now provides.  Now clubs can just click the link and get all the apply by dates for AMA programs.  http://www.modelaircraft.org/membership/AMAdates.aspx
Helis Over Tidewater  June 9-11 2017

Helis Over Tidewater June 9-11 2017

Make your plans today. It is going to be lots of fun. 6/9/2017 - 6/11/2017 — Newport News, VA (C) HELIS OVER TIDEWATER. Site: Club Field. William Nowell CD PH: Email: playyourrole@hotmail.com. Visit: newportnewsrc.org. Sanction #17/436. Heli & Multi-rotor fun fly. 3 Day event for pilots of all skill levels. Big flying field with 8 active flight stations, two designated hover areas, and multi-rotor FPV course. $10 Hover fee includes pilots lunch on Saturday. Visit website for more info. Sponsor: NEWPORT NEWS PARK...
Utah to consider flights over 400 feet as a misdemeanor

Utah to consider flights over 400 feet as a misdemeanor

This is very very important tasking. Please follow the link below and send a message to UTAH. http://amablog.modelaircraft.org/amagov/2017/03/01/utah-to-consider-flights-over-400-feet-as-a-misdemeanor/ Utah to consider flights over 400 feet as a misdemeanor Utah is pushing through legislation that is harmful to the operation of model aircraft and violates federal authority. So far AMA’s government relations team was successful in removing language such as restrictions on nighttime operations, but now we need your help to stop other unjust restrictions. The bill, S.B. 111 is currently under reveiw by the governor. The bill mandates that modelers must operate below 400 feet. While that altitude limit is appropriate for many modelers, this bill prohibits safe and federally-approved operations over 400 feet. AMA members could unjustly face misdemeanors for following AMA’s safety programming to operate sailplanes, turbine aircraft, large model aircraft, and other disciplines above 400 feet. S.B. 111 also penalizes model pilots with approval from the FAA from conducting commercial operations over 400 feet. The bill’s airport notification requirement is not consistent with federal guidelines and could be problematic. We have created a letter on your behalf at www.modelaircraft.org/gov/sb111. Please act now to stop this problematic...